Not everyone is Alan TURING.

But on the other hand, Master SAITO's encryption of real Aikido movements, by enclosing them in the body of his method, is not comparable either with the level of encryption of the Enigma machine or the SATOR square.

With a little common sense, an analytical mind and the necessary key to decode the pedagogical method he created, anyone can rediscover Aikido from the preparatory exercises that have thus been perfected.

For things have not been hidden in order to be hidden, they have been hidden in order to be preserved and passed on.

The principle lies in this: multidirectional reality has been contracted into a unidirectional pedagogical form (false but necessary), and it is always possible to return from this simplified form to the real one. Any linear exercise can therefore be broken down in several directions, without changing either the gestures or the sequence of gestures in the exercise. Everything remains the same, but in a different dimension.

The video demonstrates this reality, using the model of the4th kumitachi :

In kumitachi n°4, uketachi strikes four times. In reality, these four strikes are identical and in the same order, but this time developed in four directions and with four different opponents: